Our Cafe

Our cafe is nestled away in the heart of Tiverton town centre. It’s the perfect place for an intimate or relaxing breakfast, brunch or lunch. We also have a beautiful garden which is perfect for a lovely afternoon or sunny morning alike. Come and taste our famous handmade sausage rolls, scotch eggs or cakes. We have free internet and everyone is welcome, no matter how many legs you have. 

Our Menu 

Our menu is lovingly and thoughtfully designed by our chef, Daniel Pink. Originally from Bideford, he has lived in Reading working at a number of acclaimed establishments and has recently moved back down to the area to be nearer to his family. The menu is designed around food that we are able to source seasonally, so the menu changes regularly to make the most use of the locally available food. 


We aim to have a mixture of firm favourites on the menu as well as something a bit different if you’re feeling adventurous. Everything is made in-house from our cakes and scones to the pastry for our sausage rolls.

Our Food

At The Duck & Bean we aim to source all of our food locally with the highest levels all of animal welfare that we can obtain. All our items can be traced by to the farm and farmer who grew or looked after the produce. 


Our Beef & Lamb

All of our beef comes from Dartmoor Farmers who have been custodians of the National Park for hundreds of years. Dartmoor is an internationally important landscape with rare ecosystems present. The farmers that manage the land here, manage it not only for themselves but the environment, local communities and visitors. The land management the team provide by selective burning and the mixed grazing between their ponies, sheep and cattle keep the moors in its natural grassland and peat bogs which supports internationally important wildlife. In turn this creates a super texture and flavour of meat as the herds are slow-reared, native flocks which are solely grass-fed. Studies have proven that livestock fed on a natural bio-diverse grass diet will result in a leaner meat that is higher in nutritional value, "good" fats and antioxidants. This compares to intensively farmed animals fed on grain where the emphasis is on weight gain which sacrifices meat quality, flavour and nutritional value.



All our pork comes from Cornish Farmhouse where Justin and his family not only rear all the pigs themselves but they also grow all the crops they feed their pigs on. Every process is carried out on their farm from breeding, rearing, curing, preparing and packing. 



All of our veggies come from Dartfresh a local supplier for the area who’s aim is to provide and support local businesses alike. Their dedication to finding local producers is outstanding. With our strawberries coming from just down the road to cauliflowers from Credition, we aim to supply as much as possible locally. Obviously our bananas and avocados have to come from slightly further afield as there is not as of yet a Devonian avocado…



Sutton Lucy Dairy Farm is a family run dairy situated in the heart of Devon. They have their own free range herds of cattle and prepare all their own milks, cream and yoghurts. 



All of our eggs come from family run Black Dog Eggs based near Crediton. All of their eggs are collected and packed daily meaning absolute freshness. In addition to all of the eggs being sourced locally, they also get their grain to feed the hens from Crediton so they also support local businesses. Hen welfare is key for them so all of the hens are free range and live a lovely life running around their pastures which creates the best tasting eggs for your guy’s Scotch eggs here at The Duck & Bean. 

Our Coffee

Our coffee is supplied by Origin Coffee Roasters which was founded by Tom Sobey in 2004. They are an independently owned coffee roaster who aims to source exceptional coffee whilst being sustainable. They are a direct trade company, traveling to the countries where the coffee is sourced in order to make sure that there is fair pay and trade across the board. They are a certified B Corporation which measures the entire social and environmental performance, a gold standard of sustainability. On top of this the coffee is also sublime. 

Our Ethos

At The Duck and Bean we are keenly aware of our impact on the environment and try to reduce this as much as possible. We believe that the world is a beautiful place to be enjoyed and respected, this means giving back, not just taking. We have reduced food miles by sourcing everything as locally as possible and have removed the use of single use plastics almost entirely by using wooden takeaway utensils, metal straws, recyclable take away containers, aprons made from recycled materials and fully compostable cups! We also use recycled materials for our paper towels and napkins! All of our drinks are served in glass bottles which are fully recyclable and our bottled water is supplied by Devionia water which is Devon’s only water company to wash and re-use which saves ~16x less energy than crushing and reforming bottles!


5 Fore Street, Tiverton, EX16 6LN


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